BREAKING: Trump’s FBI Director & Solicitor General Preparing Indictments Of The ‘Untouchables’… They Are Panicking

Christopher Wray and Noel Francisco are ready to start with the prosecution against the Clintons.

Also, they will be focused on the people who defended them, including the FBI.

President Trump is the biggest threat to the people who are hiding very important information.

Trump choose Wray to replace James Comey and lead the FBI. He is a well-honored lawman and he had a 92-5 vote from the Senate confirmation. On the other hand, Francisco received 50-47 from the voting to be Solicitor General. This isn’t strange because he will be in charge of “supervising the government’s litigation at the Supreme Court.”

Actually, he will go against the individuals who bribed the FBI to close their eyes on important matters. In other words, he will go against the government corruption, especially from the previous administration. The Democrats are probably worried to compete against a person who is ready to terminate all signs of corruption.

Wray believes that there is enough evidence to present the case and start with the prosecution against Former FBI directors Robert Mueller and James Comey. Also, Deputy Director Andrew McCabe and former U.S. attorney and current Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein are among the accused ones.

One of the biggest evidence against Andrew McCabe is the $500,000 bribe that he received from the Clintons. He was covering the conspiracy behind Hillary’s email scandal.

he biggest players in the case, which we are hoping to be prosecuted are former President Obama and other members of his cabinet including former National Security Advisor Susan Rice.

FBI Director Wray also wants to investigate the Russian involvement, mainly because the FBI has hidden evidence of bribery, extortion and even money laundering.

Furthermore, Wray plans to chase James Comey because he refused to prosecute Huma Abedin, Cheryl Mills, and even Hillary, despite the evidence of her frauds and crimes.

Regarding this investigation, which will be very dangerous, Jim Malone correctly questioned FBI agent Eliot Ness: “What are you prepared to do? If you open ball on these people Mr. Ness, you must be prepared to go all the way because they won’t give up the fight till one of you is dead.’’

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