Russian salad without mayonnaise and bacon: The most healthy supper for a solemn luncheon!


▪ 200 g of carrot,
▪ 200 g of peas,
▪ 200 g of pickled cucumber,
▪ 5 white boiled eggs,
▪ 5 full eggs,
▪ 100 g of potatoes,
▪ 50 g of milk milk,
▪ 50 g of yogurt 3, 2%,
▪ 1 lemon,
▪ little salt and pepper.


Peel and peal vegetables squeeze in the water slightly salted and cool quickly.

Eggs boil well and cool. Remove egg yolks from egg whites, then whiskers in cubes of pea size.

Vegetables peel and wait on cubes of pea size, as well as pickled cucumbers.

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