Budget of controversy

Minister of Finance of the Government of Kosovo, Bedri Hamza, during the presentation of the draft budget at the Government meeting, estimated that this budget will ensure sustainability of the country’s economic growth, support of economic activities, increase of social transfers and increase of capital investments. He, meanwhile, has said that for 2018 is expected economic growth of 4.6 percent.

“This form of budget serves as a guarantee of discipline, which enables the preservation of macro-fiscal stability. However, in the context of this budget, preserving macro-fiscal stability is not in itself a prerequisite for achieving the ultimate goal of supporting the country’s overall economic development, “Hamza said.

Otherwise, representatives of the business community, the draft budget for the coming year consider it a development budget and in favor of the private sector. In a press release of Kosovo Chamber of Commerce, it is said that “2018 budget has not only encouraged business and local producers but has also motivated foreign investors with the seriousness of the Government of Kosovo”.

The other item that was addressed for the first time arguably, says the communiqué, is education for which the budget has increased by 22 percent for next year ”

But differently think experts on economic issues. The former Chief Executive Officer at the American Chamber of Commerce in Pristina, Lekë Musa, does not notice any change in the orientation of the project budget funds. He says this draft budget does not reflect economic sustainability, increase in employment rates, or economic growth, as the minister has stated.

According to him, the competent authorities the budget for the coming year should have been directed to the private sector.

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