What lies behind the saying – both nose and pride?

The nasal shape reveals the vital force and sexual potency of man. If you want to know something more about your boyfriend, look at your nose and discover the hidden secrets.

Nose with raised tip

The male with this nose is very entertaining and always in the spotlight. It is ambitious and strives to achieve great success on a professional level. If you trust your most intimate secret, he will never tell you to others. I do not love adventures and enjoy long and romantic love affiliations.

Mishake nose

The man with this nose is very emotional. If you reach the age of forty years without having a partner, there is a chance that you will never get married. But since they like to dominate, this is the biggest obstacle, the Telegraph reports.


At first glance he looks powerful, determined and stubborn. However, under that mask is hidden the insecure male who is often unable to solve the problems themselves. Impressive and controversial, they think they are always right. As for the links, it only attracts sex.

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