“Go home or adjust!” Do you back KFC’s strong stand?

Colonel Harland Sanders is no doubt rolling in his grave, the founder of KFC, who created one of the most successful fast food empires in the world based on a unique branding concept he created in the 1940’s, by masterfully promoting a carefully guarded “top-secret original recipe which includes a blend of 11 herbs and spices and which is kept in a vault…that’s right “a vault!”

However, all that iconic promotional branding which has endured for over 70-years might all come to an end because of a group of Muslims who what the Colonel’s famous fried chicken to include halal foods.

The campaign calling on KFC to serve halal food is gaining traction in New Zealand, thanks to a Facebook offensive on social media which includes the Islamic dietary requirements across the nation, with more than 2,000 likes in little more than a month.

However, not all those individuals on social media are in favor of bringing ‘HALAL KFCs Back In New Zealand,’ with the page dividing opinions saying they shouldn’t have to ‘fit in with the rules of your country.’

The movement is being led by Syeda Fouzia, who said the process of delivering halal food ‘is not that difficult.’

‘We’ve had some criticism, but having halal certification will only mean more people will be able to eat at KFC. It won’t affect non-Muslims,’ UK-born Ms. Fouzia told reporters.

However what seems to be missing in all of this is KFC’s iconic branding within the fast food industry and whether it might actually affect its business model around the world, in that the entire concept of KFC is its branding persona of it’s carefully guarded “top-secret” original recipe which includes a blend of 11 herbs and spices.

However, Ms. Fouzia has gained a lot of support online asking why the simple transition can’t be made to include “halal KFC?”

“Just like to point out KFC is a multi-national fast food corporation, it has about as much cultural bearing on New Zealander’s way of life as Tacobell,” one person said.

But not everyone was having it from the bully Muslims:

Fortunately, KFC has no intention of caving in to the demands of these pushy Muslims.

‘We appreciate their request, however, the issues relating to us being able to certify halal product for customers remain,’ said a KFC a spokesperson.

‘We have no plans to re-introduce halal in New Zealand.’

Well, there you have it. Nice job KFC!

Do you believe a company like KFC should be forced to change its iconic branding image?

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